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Assessment of facial profile of North Indians   Parul Jain,J.P.S Kalra and Amanish Singh

Assessment of facial profile of North Indians

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the art and science of orthodontics, facial form and esthetics are always an important consideration. The success of orthodontic treatment is related to the improvement gained in patient’s facial appearence. This intrigued orthodontists to study normal and pleasing facial profile. However an important fact is that a single standard of facial esthetics is not appropriate for application to diverse racial and ethnic groups. Therefore, while treating our patients we should have soft tissue values that can accurately reflect the ideal norms for a particular region. Hence a study was conducted to derive soft tissue norms for North Indians using composite soft tissue analyses . The author found considerable diversities in soft tissue pattern of North Indians as compared to other races which can be used as guideline for orthodontic treatment planning.
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