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Oral Manifestations Of Granulomatous Diseases   Tanu Setia,Padmavathi B.N. and S.Y. Rajan

Oral Manifestations Of Granulomatous Diseases

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Granulomatous diseases have plagued humans for millennia, with evidence of tuberculosis infection in Egyptian mummies and descriptions of the disease in Hippocrate’s writings. The advent of modern pathology, with improved microscopes, staining techniques, and communication between researchers spawned this new category of “granulomatous diseases" in the early twentieth century. The diagnosis and treatment of these diseases continues to evolve to this day, and perhaps due to their relative scarcity, continue to create a diagnostic dilemma to physicians of every specialty. All of these diseases have manifestations in the head and neck, and many patients initially present to the oral physician. Therefore a keen understanding of the manifestations, workup and subsequent treatment of these conditions is essential to every practicing oral physician. This book provides detailed explanation on oral manifestation, investigation and treatment of granulomatous diseases acting as self sufficient...
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