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Topical anesthetic agents used during needle insertion and extraction   Thiyezen Aldhelai,Ibrahim Elkalla and Salwa Awad

Topical anesthetic agents used during needle insertion and extraction

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Topical Anesthesia were developed in the later half of the 9th century, it has taken nearly a whole century for effective and safe topical anesthesia to become readily available. The use of topical anesthetic agent before the injection of local anesthetics has become a routine procedure in dentistry. There are a number of different types of topical anesthetic agents for intraoral use available. However the application of these agents on children seems to be more unique especially prior needle insertion, or extraction of shedded primary teeth. It is generally agreed that one of the most important aspects of child behavior guidance is the control of pain. If children experience pain during restorative or surgical procedures, their future as dental patients may be damaged. The present study was conducted to compare the effect of EMLA Cream and Benzocaine gel with Lidocaine gel in reducing injection pain and Extraction of shedded primary teeth.
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