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Dr Charles Burstone's Contribution in Orthodontics   Kunal R. Shah and P. V. Hazarey

Dr Charles Burstone's Contribution in Orthodontics

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Orthodontics is a vast subject to study and much of clinical oriented. Dr Charles Burstone has a numerous contribution in the field of Orthodontics. This Book covers all his work started from his career including his master's thesis. Readers will find a vast number of theoretical as well as clinical tips to implement in their day to day practice. Dr Burstone's research area includes Biomechanics, Esthetics, Computers, Orthdontic materials, Cephalometrics and treatment planning. Reader will find all the work of Dr Burstone under one Title and references for their theoretical knowledge. The era in which this researches were carried out was not so updated with equipment and latest fancy thing available today. Being an Orthodontist this is just my sincere attempt to say thanks to Dr Charles Burstone and Dr P.V.Hazarey. I dedicate this book to my lovely mother Late Anjana R Shah and my father Dr Raghavendra V. Shah.
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