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Evidence Based Orthodontics - An Overview   Supriya Nambiar,Subraya Mogra and Surendra Shetty

Evidence Based Orthodontics - An Overview

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The field of orthodontics has straddled the barrier separating oral health care and elective cosmetology. While societal and cultural habits and practices have shifted toward facial and anterior tooth esthetics, orthodontists have continued to view the primary goal of orthodontics as correcting tooth alignment and occlusion.Although some have questioned the rationale for Evidence-based orthodontics and the opportunities associated with this approach, it is clear that the evidence-based approach raises questions about how knowledge base has been incorporated into orthodontics, both in academicia and clinical practice.The objective of this book is to analyse the current scenario and conclude that if methods of evidence-based orthodontics are followed appropriately, there is less potential for bias by researchers, academicians and other experts.
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