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Dental Casting Alloys   Manish Shekhar,Swatantra Agarwal and Amrendra Singh

Dental Casting Alloys

136 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nowadays, the use of pure metals is quite limited in dentistry because they appear to be soft and may tend to corrode rapidly.To optimize properties, most of the metals commonly used in dental applications are mixtures of two or more metallic elements or one or more metals and/or non-metals. Although such mixtures can be produced in a number of ways. The use of these cast metals has decreased because of increased consumer demand for aesthetics over durability. Knowledge of the structure and properties of cast metals and alloys is essential to ensure proper handling of these materials. Thus this book is a compilation of all dental casting alloys and their applications in clinical dentistry.
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