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Radiology In Pediatric Dental Practice   Ganesh Mahadevan

Radiology In Pediatric Dental Practice

152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
When we look at our profession we realize that its our moral responsibility to provide utmost dental health care to the children who are the torch bearers of tomorrow. Radiology is an indispensable tool in children''s dentistry today. As we endeavor to encore the knowledge about radiology, we become aware about the risks associated with exposure to radiation,the introduction of faster films, improved film/screen combination ,improved technology for complex tomography etc.But all these effort in advancement have made radiology for children a safe method and the potential harmful effects to children is nearly nil. Children are the gifts of nature and have to be carefully nurtured.Thus, this compilation was an effort to look into the various aspects of radiology and its application to the field of pedodontics. Though radiology for children is not vastly different from that for adults, but the minor variations and precautions which need to be taken have been highlighted...
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