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Micro-Implants & Orthodontics   Hrushikesh Aphale,Saurabh Sharma and Javed Azher

Micro-Implants & Orthodontics

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Anchorage control is the cornerstone of the orthodontic force system. The first clinical report in the literature of the use of implants appeared in 1983 when Creekmore and Eklund used a vitallium bone screw to treat a patient with a deep impinging overbite. Microimplants are an evolution & are interdental implants which are endosseous implants but of smaller diameter which allowed placement in interdental areas were developed in the late 1990’s. These rely more on mechanical retention than complete osseointegration. Various implant systems have been developed and they can be used in differing clinical situations, orthodontic and orthopaedic as well. Implants have widened the horizons of an orthodontist & should be explored to the best possible advantage for treating cases.
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