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Evidence Based Dental Practice   Garima Chandi,Charu Mohan Marya and Ruchi Nagpal

Evidence Based Dental Practice

268 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Evidence Based Dental Practice is a process that restructures the way in which we think about clinical problems. It is an approach to clinical problem solving that has evolved from a self-directed and problem based approach to learning rather than the more traditional didactic form. It is a process of making decisions based on known evidence. Evidence Based approach is ideal in today’s situation and it is important that these clinical decisions making incorporate the best available scientific evidence in order to maximize the potential for successful patient care out come. Evidence-Based care is not just a literature review by a bunch of academicians looking for something to do. Evidence-based care is a technology that provides the best available current evidence on the basis of a proven and objective set of principles.
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