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Clinical steps and impressions in fixed prosthodontics - A survey   Dr. Anish Gupta,Dr. Sumit Khare and Dr. D.R. Prithviraj

Clinical steps and impressions in fixed prosthodontics - A survey

68 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Making an impression in fixed prosthodontics is especially one of the most challenging procedures in dentistry. Any compromise in relation to material, time or technique on the part of dentist will lead to deteriorated standard of service and eventual degradation of professional ethics. The present laboratory study was carried out to determine the current standards of fixed prosthodontics practiced by private dental practitioners and the quality of impressions received by private dental laboratories in Bangalore city employed in fabrication of fixed partial denture prosthesis. The study was carried out in two parts; the first part was a questionnaire pro-forma, which was filled by private dental practitioners. In second part, elastomeric rubber base fixed partial denture impressions from various dental laboratories were examined. Considering the various aspects of the present study, it is concluded that the dentist must be certain that the search for short cuts...
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