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Alcohol Consumption in Indian Dentists   Gaurav Solanki

Alcohol Consumption in Indian Dentists

256 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Alcohol consumption has widely increased through out the world now-a-days. This all is due to a stressful life style and emotional load on a person. It is believed that in all professions, there are unique problems and problematic circumstances facing the people who are involved. Heavy episodic drinking refers to drinking five or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion at least once a month and heavy alcohol use means drinking five or more drinks on one occasion at five occasions a month. Through the ages, alcohol and other chemical substances have been used to relieve physical and emotional pain. Unfortunately, even if chemical substances such as alcohol are used for good reasons, the use of these substances can lead to dependency on such substances. Dentistry is not excluded from the drinking phenomenon. Dentists experience stressful situations every day, and have to deal with these in a very professional manner. The dentists participated were told about the hazard and ill-effect of...
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