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Estimation of age by modified Gustafson's method   Manas Bajpai,Girish K. L. and Farzan Rahman

Estimation of age by modified Gustafson's method

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this universe, most of the things, natural or artificial can be dated, numbered, quantified or measured. The concept of the age and time had come into the mind of the human being for centuries, possibly millennia. One can also measure life span of a person as well as ones age from the moment of conception. Age estimation can prove critical part in victim identification process. In cases of unknown dead bodies age estimation becomes necessary if there is no ante mortem information available and a personal profile has to be reconstructed.In addition, age estimation can be done in precious archaeological skeletal material dating back to hundreds of years.The branch of Forensic Medicine, which deals with the examination of teeth, is known as Forensic Odontology. This book described the most accurate, significant, relatively easy and reproducible method of age estimation by tooth.
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