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Infection Control in Prosthodontics   Manpreet Walia,Neeraj Arora and Prabhjot Walia

Infection Control in Prosthodontics

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human mouth is first exposed to microorganisms during birth. Oral cavity supports one of the most concentrated microbial populations of the body. With the emergence of diseases like AIDS and hepatitis, the scenario has become vulnerable. These microorganisms can cause infections of a wide range such as common cold, pneumonia, tuberculosis, herpes simplex, hepatitis and AIDS. Prosthodontics treatment also demands a high degree of concern about cross infection through patients, personnel, unsterilized instruments and equipments. Prosthodontics treatment undertaken in the clinics should be supplemented by the laboratory and hence cross infection chances have to be halted in both the fronts. A number of disinfection and sterilization procedure are available that claim to kill the microorganism. Efficiency of the method is not very often posted but the reactivity of the materials used in Prosthodontics possess problems of feasibility and decrease to accuracy. A careful selection of methods...
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