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Sports related traumatic orofacial injuries   Vipul Gupta,Swarnika Gupta and Dev Anand Gupta

Sports related traumatic orofacial injuries

152 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Orofacial injuries continue to occur in high incidence in sporting events. Acute management of these injuries determines the extent to which the dental disability is recoverable. It is essential that those health care professionals working directly with the athletes during competition reinforce the importance of protection and prevention as well as refine the skills necessary for immediate management of the injuries. Sports may cause minor or major injuries. This book provides in depth knowledge on this aspect. Hence, the concerned person / organizations should try to implement all the care and preventing strategies so that the injuries can be prevented. Sufficient knowledge regarding the sports injuries and protective devices, equipment available should be disseminated to the sports persons. We have tried to discuss and summarize various aspects of sports related traumatic orofacial injuries along with their prevention and management which may be helpful to graduate and post...
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