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Periodontal diseases   Khurshiduz Zaman

Periodontal diseases

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Periodontal diseases are considered as a major global public health problem affecting significant adult population. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults regardless of socio-economic condition and might have an association with other systemic diseases, such as, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, preterm low birth weight, etc. The prevalence and severity of periodontal diseases vary in between and within different population. These variation can be explained by age,lifestyle, oral health care, socio-economic and cultural background. This book provides information for common people, dental students and oral hygienists about the disease, its etiological and risk factors, and its prevention and management. This book helps a person how to prevent the disease simply by adopting an adequate dietary habit, discarding harmful personal habit, and by proper tooth brushing. It also helps the general dentist to motivate her/his patient for taking easy treatment and maintenance measures. A...
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