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Interocclusal Records   Shivangi Chaudhary,Rohit Mittal and Manvee Chaudhary

Interocclusal Records

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Interocclusal record is an imprint of the positional relation of opposing teeth or jaws to each other, made of the surfaces of occlusal rims or teeth with a material such as plaster of paris, wax, zinc oxide-eugenol paste, or acrylic resin. It is a precise recording of a maxillomandibular position. To properly evaluate a patient’s occlusion and to build up an artificial dynamic occlusal scheme, it is mandatory that the diagnostic casts are placed in an articulator in approximately the same relationship to the temporomandibular joint as it exists in the patient. The ideal material technique combination for making interocclusal records would allow the placement of indirectly fabricated prosthesis in the patients mouth with no occlusal adjustment and hence play a major role in the success of the rehablitative procedures in terms of function and esthetics. The technique for making interocclusal record, chosen by the dentist should depend on clinical situation present and experience of the...
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