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Sugar Substitutes in Dentistry   Eby Aluckal and Anil Ankola

Sugar Substitutes in Dentistry

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Growing interest in health and an aging population has changed the very idea of seeing food technology. Sweetness is the taste that is strongly identified with affection and reward. The irrefutable importance of sugar as the principal dietary substrate that drives the dental caries process has led to a growing interest in sugar substitutes. Dental professionals are placed in a difficult situation, because they must educate patients and somehow motivate them to alter their customary dietary behavior. Non-nutritive sweeteners have the potential to assist in dental health and dietary quality and the dental profession shares an interest in the search for palatable sugar substitutes. This book provides the information on the characteristics and the limitations of available sugar substitutes and non-nutritive sweetening agents.
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