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Oro-facial Pain ..Not just Tooth ache.   Aman Kalucha,Harkamal Kaur and Soheyl Sheikh

Oro-facial Pain ..Not just Tooth ache.

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the orofacial region, the biological structures are complicated; hence there are many sources that can produce pain. Therefore it is imperative for the clinician to identify the precise source of pain for its effective management. This process called ‘‘diagnosis’’ is the most critical task for the clinician, for only by establishing the correct diagnosis can the appropriate and successful therapy be selected. Etiology of oro-facial pain is varied ranging from traumatic conditions, infective conditions, systemic conditions to pain of neurogenic origin and atypical facial pain. In spite of all these advances, some orofacial pain entities are still challenging and may merely be identified by clinical description. The purpose of this book is to create awareness amongst general dental practitioners around the globe regarding the interplay of nerves in our body leading to the most common complaint.....Orofacial Pain.
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