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The Effect of Histoacryl on the Healing of Secondary Wounds   Huda Akram and Bara Sultan

The Effect of Histoacryl on the Healing of Secondary Wounds

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wound healing is essential for survival. The goal of wound management is to close the wound as soon as possible. Improperly managed wounds can be life - threatening, functionally disabling, and cosmetically devastating. Cyanoacrylates (CA) have a variety of medical, dental, and commercial applications as adhesives. These adhesives have been extensively used for closure of cutaneous wounds and in a wide variety of surgical procedures. The increasing use of cyanoacrylates in dentistry, particularly as an adhesive and sealing glue, have raised concerns regarding its potential toxicity in humans. The use of the adhesive reduces treatment time and is a pain-free method of closure, allowing good cosmetic results to the facial injuries.
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