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Lasers in Dentistry   Rohit Kolipaka,Kavita Rai and Amitha M. Hegde

Lasers in Dentistry

336 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dental care by Laser is possible in all the disciplines of dentistry. The public has an expectation on their dentist to be up to date and wants the most modern, advanced care possible. The future of lasers in dentistry looks promising as new applications and procedures are being developed. The public is made aware of this by various media, and the word “laser“ has power because patients want and trust the doctors who offer advanced technology. Dentists and their staffs can successfully integrate the use of lasers into the everyday practice of dentistry. The clinician must be familiar with the fundamentals of laser physics and tissue interaction so that the proper laser device is used to obtain the treatment objective safely and effectively. The pride and excitement of being on the cutting edge of dentistry and financial incentives make it more possible than ever to implement the use of lasers. "Clinical competence in any area of dentistry appears to require a combination of education...
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