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Lasers In Dentistry- An Insight   Harneet Singh,Sunil M.K. and Sophia Kurien

Lasers In Dentistry- An Insight

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“Need is the mother of invention”. Man has always strived for the invention of latest advancements in the already existing ones. In the process dentistry has also advanced leaps and bounds for the good. Keeping this in the view, LASERS have been termed as the latest inventions in the recent paradigm of dentistry. Light has always astonished man and this book has been written to amplify arguably the best and most aptly utilized form of light. Knowledge does not spread by keeping a lantern on one’s own head but by spreading through the words and this book tries to be the ultimate source for the knowledge about LASERS. I have tried to introduce the LASERS through a student’s point of view & then further augmented the information by citing the studies done about the use of LASERS in the different aspects of dentistry.From diagnosing a simple caries to the treatment of the most complex lesions or pathologies LASERSare by far taking over the conventional and traditionally followed...
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