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Periodontal Therapy   Gurpreet Kaur,Deepak Grover and Sumeet Singh

Periodontal Therapy

184 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research has provided evidence that chronic inflammatory periodontal diseases are treatable. Studies have also been directed at providing information to permit better understanding of mechanisms of disease progression and pathogenesis in order to make a treatment of periodontal disease more effective and predictable. As a result of advances in knowledge and therapy, the great majority of patients retain their dentition over their life time with proper treatment, reasonable plaque control, and continuing maintenance care. However, there are some situations when traditional therapy is not effective in arresting the disease. In these instances, the progression of the disease may be slowed, but eventually the teeth may be lost. Ultimate judgement regarding the appropriateness of any specific procedure must be made by the practitioner in light of all circumstances presented by the individual patient. This manuscript addresses to all the procedures available to treat the periodontal...
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