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Orofacial pain symptoms – Prevalence and associated Impact   Sukhvinder Singh Oberoi,S. S. Hiremath and R. Yashoda

Orofacial pain symptoms – Prevalence and associated Impact

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pain is a major public health problem and most common symptom of oral and dental disease that has a significant impact on both the individual and community as a whole. Many of the Orofacial pain symptoms present a recurrent, persistent or disabling pattern because of the complex anatomy of face and mouth region, and difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of various Orofacial pain conditions. Patients reporting with Tooth related pain can be reduced and prevented by controlling Oral biofilm-mediated diseases (Dental caries and periodontal diseases). Burning mouth pain and oral sores are primarily related to the nutritional deficiency of the vitamins. So, it can be managed through good nutritional regime or balanced diet. TMJ pain is related to the loss of teeth, Malocclusion and psychological problems like stress, bruxism which should be diagnosed and treated accordingly If these conditions can be controlled effectively, the majority of the chronic Orofacial pain conditions...
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