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Cracked tooth syndrome - a rollercoaster ride   Srikumar G. P. V.

Cracked tooth syndrome - a rollercoaster ride

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book entitled “Cracked Tooth Syndrome(CTS) – A roller coaster ride” gives you the full information regarding the etiology of CTS, its signs and symptoms, classification, detailed diagnostic methods, treatment planning and its prevention. The cracked tooth syndrome presents both as a challenge and an opportunity for the dentist. The condition is like a crack in the wind shield, it can stay the same or can spread further. Diagnosis of cracked tooth is often difficult, as the fracture line is hidden from the direct view either by the restoration or by gingival tissues. Appropriate treatment plan is necessary to prevent further damage to the tooth and failure to diagnose this condition can result in the eventual loss of the affected tooth. The book consists of extensive, pointwise coverage of the subject in simple and lucid manner incorporating the recent trends, current updates, new concepts and over 40 high quality illustrations comprising of relevant line diagrams, clinical...
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