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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: Management and Clinical aspect   Rajul Vivek

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: Management and Clinical aspect

256 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Full mouth rehabilitation cases are one of the most difficult and time taken cases to manage in dental practice. This is because such cases involve not only replacement of the lost tooth structure but also restoring the lost vertical dimensions. Full mouth reconstruction is basically a set of procedures that are aimed at correcting an improper bite position as well as restoring chipped or worn out teeth. Improper jaw position is implicated in various neuro-muscular disorders as well as in headache and neck ache. Correcting the jaw position not only restores proper function, but also helps in enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the patient.my book give an idea about full mouth rehabilitation. this book in two parts.in first part i discussed about full mouth rehabilitation and second part i mention it clinical aspect.
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