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Imaging Techniques in Periodontics   Deepa Ponnaiyan and Visakan Jegadeesan

Imaging Techniques in Periodontics

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A new generation of imaging devices have evolved since the advent of X-rays. The simple X-ray devices are giving way to digital systems in which computer screens replace film. In contrast, the impact of radiographic imaging on the management of the periodontal patient has essentially remained unchanged for decades. This does not imply that the imaging needs in periodontology are met or there is little room to improve patient outcomes by using better imaging methods. New technologies have emerged to address the critical needs in periodontal diagnosis. This book attempts to examine the current status of conventional and specialized imaging modalities that have potential use for the diagnosis of periodontal diseases and also imaging techniques used in Implantology. The future of imaging in Periodontics as well as its current role in the field has been highlighted. This book will be beneficial to clinicians and periodontists to choose the best diagnostic imaging modality suitable...
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