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Dental Considerations During Pregnancy   V.T. Hemalatha,N. Mani Sundar and V. Aarthi Nisha

Dental Considerations During Pregnancy

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pregnancy is a dynamic physiological state evidenced by several transient changes. This can develop as various physical signs & symptoms that can affect the patients health, perceptions & interactions with others in environment. Patient may not always understand the relevance of their body’s adaptations to her fetus’s health. A gestational woman requires various levels of support throughout this time, such as medical monitoring or intervention, preventive care ,physical & emotional assistance. The pregnant patient requires special attention to dental management. The dental care for the mother with a developing fetus must be considered carefully before each encounter. Occasionally, the patient’s underlyng medical conditions or status of her pregnancy may limit the comprehensive care options available. Dentists, for example may delay certain elective procedures to coinside with periods of pregnancy devoted to maturation versus organogenesis. Other times, dental care professional need...
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