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Effect of Various Daily Consumption Agents on Tooth Extraction   Walaa Samir and Mushira Dahaba

Effect of Various Daily Consumption Agents on Tooth Extraction

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Evaluation of socket healing after extraction and different possible complications are of the commonest problems that face both dentist and patients. This work was designed to study socket healing radiographically and histologically. This present work was enrolled on Mongrel dogs. Thirty two extraction sockets were grouped according to the cleaning mode of each socket into, saline, water, and tea-irrigated sockets. A fourth group acted as a control group and was not irrigated at all and left to heal normally. The sockets were studied and analyzed histopathologically and radiographically using digital densitometric analysis. The results of this study revealed progression in radiographic bone density during healing of extraction wound with the highest value demonstrated at week 3 after extraction for the saline group, then for the control group at week 4.Histopathological analysis showed that the saline –irrigated sockets demonstrated the highest levels of bone tissue at the...
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