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Stroma of Odontogenic Cysts   Ruchieka Vij and Hitesh Vij

Stroma of Odontogenic Cysts

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A cyst is an epithelium lined pathologic space. Cysts can be encountered in any part of the body and are relatively more common in head and neck region. Epithelial-lined jaw cysts, also known as odontogenic cysts, which are probably the most common destructive lesions of the jaw bones. These entities can be categorised as developmental and inflammatory in origin. Recent studies focus on the importance of epithelial mesenchymal interactions in the growth of the odontogenic cysts and it has been suggested that stroma is essential and responsible for maintaining the epithelial tissues. Both these make up an ecosystem with continuous molecular interactions, hence any alterations in the stromal compartment can bring about changes in the adjacent epithelium. The present study was done to evaluate the nature of the connective tissue walls of odontogenic cysts, like OKC, dentigerous cyst and radicular cyst using picrosirius red stained sections and polarizing microscopy. Further it was...
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