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Regeneration in Endodontics   Urvashi Bhanwal,Roopa R. Nadig and Karthik J.

Regeneration in Endodontics

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Regeneration guarantees the resolution of a number of persuasive clinical problems in dentistry that have not been effectively managed through the use of various treatment modalities. The challenge is to create an environment with the optimal combination of matrix, cells, and soluble regulators for effective regenerative therapy. The scope of regeneration may be increased to include the replacement of periapical tissues, periodontal ligaments, gingival tissue, and even whole teeth. This would give patients a clear alternative to the artificial tooth implants that are currently available. Thus, the potential for this area is indeed vast. Here ,through this work an attempt has been made to exemplify the research work which has been done till date ,on the regenerative concepts in endodontics.
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