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Impression Procedures for Partial Dental Prosthesis   Manu Rathee,Poonam Malik and Shefali Singla

Impression Procedures for Partial Dental Prosthesis

104 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Impression making is the preliminary step in fabrication of any prosthesis. It is the foundation for determining the success of subsequent steps in the treatment plan. The method used to make impression of supporting and retaining anatomic structure of the mouth is of basic importance for obtaining optimum distribution of the masticatory load in the construction of partial denture. A variety of techniques have evolved overtime. Selection of the specific techniques depends on experience and an evaluation of an individual patient. Time, expense and accuracy must all be considered in making the selection. Impression should be perfectly accurate and removed with care. A detailed protocol is required to insure that the impression is handled properly.
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