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Prevalence of Gingival diseases in childhood   Himanshu Kapoor and Ritika Arora Kapoor

Prevalence of Gingival diseases in childhood

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Oral hygiene as a means to an end is a relatively novel concept which has only attained tactic public recognition as a desirable cosmetic endeavor during this last century. Most people exercise some measure of oral hygiene, and tooth brushing seems to be the method of choice providing thorough and regular cleaning.Dental plaque is found to be significantly related to gingivitis, spacing and crowding, technique of brushing, frequency of brushing, hand used in brushing and dentifrice and the brushing habits of an individual and these could have a direct effect on the gingival health. Pediatric patients should be given advice and encouragement to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of oral health. The advice should be tailored to the individual and reinforced at regular intervals if the desired behaviour and benefits are to be sustained.
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