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Adhesive Dental Materials for Reinforcing Weakened Root Structure   Ahmed Mahmood Ahmed,Adam Husein and WAN ZARIPAH WAN BAKAR

Adhesive Dental Materials for Reinforcing Weakened Root Structure

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many anterior teeth that require post retained restorations are severely weakened due to caries extending into the radicular dentine. In some cases, secondary caries around pre-existing posts may further complicate the matter. Other cases may involve necrotic young permanent teeth with large canal space prior to the completion of root formation. Other less common conditions include developmental anomalies such as fusion and germination, internal resorption and iatrogenic damage resulting in large access preparations. The resulting large, flared root canals with thin dentinal walls are too weak to withstand normal masticatory forces and prone to fracture. Such teeth may also have insufficient coronal tooth structure and give problem to the restorative dentist. There is two suggested methods for restoration of weakened roots canals which were conventional and intraradicular reinforcement methods. This book will elaborate on the intraradicular reinforcement methods
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