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Bolton's Norms For Hyderabad Population   Gutti Hari Prasad Rao

Bolton's Norms For Hyderabad Population

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A tooth-size discrepancy conventionally been described as a relative excess of tooth structure in one arch in relation to the other arch. It also can be defined as a disproportion among the size of individual teeth. For proper alignment and to achieve a good occlusal interdigitation of the dentition, the tooth size must be in harmony with the arch size (the sum of the width of the mandibular teeth must be somewhat smaller than the sum of the width of the maxillary teeth).The presence of disproportionately-sized teeth in either arch can make it difficult to obtain an occlusion with good alignment, ideal overjet, ideal overbite and a Class I molar relationship, , if discrepancy goes undetected initially, it may be only as the treatment of a malocclusion is nearing completion and difficulties in achieving an ideal occlusion occur that the discrepancy is discovered. Discovering during finishing stage could lead to embarrassing delays in the completion of treatment or even worse, to...
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