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Incorporation of Antimicrobial Compounds into Glass-Ionomer Cements   Aleksandar Dimkov

Incorporation of Antimicrobial Compounds into Glass-Ionomer Cements

208 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The main incentive of the research presented in this book was to obtain an antimicrobial glass-ionomer cement (GIC), which would have all the features of glass ionomer cements, and would also have an antimicrobial effect against cariogenic flora. The book describes a series of biochemical, mechanical and microbiological analyses. A huge number of GIC samples, enhanced with various concentrations of antimicrobial compounds, had been made. Several statistical analyses were carried out, and the results are shown in this book via numerous tables and diagrams. This book will, above all, serve as an auxiliary source of knowledge and data to fellows specializing or attending master’s and doctoral studies in the field of dental caries prevention and hopefully it will find its place in their home professional libraries.
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