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Devices Used In Obturation   Kunal Sethi,Poonam Bogra and Rajwinder Kaur

Devices Used In Obturation

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Inspite of best bio-mechanical preparation and new obturation techniques being introduced, still in the present conditions and circumstances, no one obturation technique can fulfill all the requirements for an ideal obturation that can be used easily and mastered to treat all of the endodontic cases. These techniques have to be mastered and practiced before they are put into clinical practice. The new equipment and devices can render excellent results if mastered but can lead to serious consequences if used by unskilled clinicians. The transition is slow, but exciting, so clinician should understand the patient’s need and indication for particular technique and material used for the obturation of root canal space. So this book basically aims at reviewing and highlighting the obturation devices used during root canal treatment of teeth so to make the treatment more easy for patient and clinician as well and achieving high success rate.
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