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Resilon - ''Endobontics''   Mohan Sakri,Dharam Hinduja and Srinidhi Ballullaya

Resilon - ''Endobontics''

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The aim of the author is to produce a book on the recent obturating material i.e.RESILON. No doubt there are many obturating materials introduced till date, but Resilon is the one which has bonding to the root canal dentin with no micro gap under the SEM study. Thus it is a new polymer based synthetic obturating material which has a monoblock concept. Because of this property incidence of vertical fracture is reduced with Resilon, which is the most common consequence or complication of teeth that are treated with root canal treatment. In case of re treatment situation Resilon can be removed by using Chloroform or Xylol solution. This book aims at bridging the gap between what a student/general practioner knows and what he/she ought to know to get the knowledge so that they can reproduce the same in their daily practice. Every effort has been made to present the matter in a simple manner.However, suggestions for the improvement of this book will be great fully accepted.
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