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Science of Dental Restoration   REETA JAIN,GC JAIN and RUCHI MITTAL

Science of Dental Restoration

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Successful application of preservative dentistry principles should lead to maximum conservation of sound tooth structure, minimal use of anesthetic, minimal pain, a reduced risk for endodontic treatment, tooth extraction and an increase in the mean survival time of affected teeth.Restorative idea described here is an innovative, largely painless, minimal intervention approach for restoring lost dental structures, particularly in outreach situations where highly trained dental personnel and facilities needed and clinical equipments are not readily available or affordable. There is worldwide interest in and increasing usage of conservative approach for the restoration of primary and permanent teeth. Present book has described self explanatory, biological friendly, inexpensive, less time consuming approach with higher success rate and minimal complications. This book is useful for students, practitioners, researchers teachers and oral care workers.
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