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Root Canal Irrigants   Jugal Vora,Meena Naganath and Deepak Mehta

Root Canal Irrigants

268 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Primary objective of endododontic therapy is to reduce or eliminate micro-organism and their by-products from the root canal system.Every root canal system has anatomical complexies that cannot be cleaned alone with instrumentation, irrigation plays a very important role. Irrigants most commonly used during cleaning and shaping include sodium hypochlorite,EDTA,Chlorhexidine and MTAD.Although sodium hypochlorite is the most important solution no single irrigant has all the characteristics of an ideal irrigant. Optimal irrigation is based on the combined use of two or several irrigating solutions. Many new materials and methods have recently been introduced to improve root canal debridement and to achieve root canal sterilization. Thus the aim of this book is to review the current information available on various root canal irrigants and various mechanical devices which helps to enchance safe and effective irrigation. It also provides short overview,mechanism of action and possible...
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