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Tooth Pattern To Diagnose Diabetes   Rajarshi G.Niyogi

Tooth Pattern To Diagnose Diabetes

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the specialty of Oral Medicine in dentistry, diagnosis of oral & maxillofacial diseases can be made through scientific methods.A strange observation was made in relation to the first permanent molars in relation to both the jaws. The first permanent molars were fully erupted, showed flattened occlusal surface with destruction of the cusps. The pits & fissures were also not well defined and the tooth appeared slightly yellow.This kind of appearance of the first permanent molars is not described in any text book nor in any kind of literature. The morphological appearance of the first permanent molar looks like an attrition and hence called as an ATTRITION PATTERN and not attrition. such pattern has been often seen in people with full blown diabetes.In our study we have tried to correlate the presence of similar attrition pattern among the patients who are having blood sugar levels in the Pre-diabetic range as per ADA classification.So the early detection of people with higher blood...
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