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Myths and truths of hinge axis   Pavan Dubey,Rajesh Sethuraman and Jayanti Patel

Myths and truths of hinge axis

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The concept of hinge axis and its role in prosthodontic rehabilitation has been established long back in the dental literature. Determination of true hinge axis by kinematic face- bow and its applicability in the fully adjustable articulator is quite cumbersome and not a user friendly technique, therefore determination of arbitrary hinge axis has an edge over true hinge axis. Different schools of thoughts have different opinion regarding the determination of arbitrary hinge axis by using posterior arbitrary reference points. However, a universal consensus over this controversy makes a clear remark that location of hinge axis points devised by various researchers may be satisfactorily utilized for determining the hinge axis. This work was taken up out of curiosity to ascertain whether which of these reference points are most reliable. Probably the old proverb seems to be correct again..old is gold.
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