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Esthetics in implant dentistry   Dr. Deepika Garg

Esthetics in implant dentistry

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Now a days, implant therapy has become an established treatment modality for single tooth replacement. But the localized ridge defect associated with missing teeth may create esthetic problems. Because of increasing esthetic demands, various soft tissue augmentation procedures have been proposed to surgically correct these defects. The aim of this book is to provide a narrative review concerning the significance of soft tissue at implant sites, soft tissue stability at implants & soft tissue grafting techniques for augmenting attached tissues around natural teeth and implant restorations. It intends to give the dental post graduate students and the general practitioner practical guidance in the form of an atlas which includes surgical procedures that may be performed in the dental office. This book may even be used by the practitioners for educating the patient.
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