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Linear dimensional changes of heat cure acrylic resins   Saryu Arora,Neeraj Arora and Shushant Garg

Linear dimensional changes of heat cure acrylic resins

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From almost the time dentistry achieved a professional status, there has been a constant search to obtain a denture base material of life like appearance, one that would not deteriorate in service. The introduction and use of acrylic resin as a denture base material since 1937 has revolutionized the dentistry in a big way. Since then no other material has been found that matches the appearance of the oral soft tissues with as great fidelity as acrylic resin. Heat cured acrylic resins are the most commonly used materials for denture base processing. It has fine esthetic properties, excellent color stability and can be used with a simple technique for the construction of dentures. Inspite of having all these advantages, dimensional inaccuracies have been a critical component in assessing in vivo performances of these materials. These changes have profound effect on Complete Denture Occlusion. Even minor changes can lead to severe discrepancies. Dimensional inaccuracies is still a major...
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