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Lasers In Paediatric Dentistry   Rajal Pathak,Sapna Hegde and Amit Mendiratta

Lasers In Paediatric Dentistry

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recent advances in laser technology and research into its potential have set the stage for a revolution in dental practice.Laser technology allows the dentist to perform micro dentistry, removing only diseased dental tissue and preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. Dental disease can be diagnosed early by using digital dental radiography, laser-assisted diagnosis of dental decay, or magnification such as dental loupes or a dental operating microscope.Soft-tissue procedures that once were rejected because they necessitated general anesthesia can be safely and quickly treated with lasers in the dental office.In paediatric dentistry, time is crucial, even a cooperative child can become restless during a long session in the dental chair.Clinical experience has shown there are many benefits to treating children with lasers over conventional methods: reduction in chair time for similar restorative procedures; elimination of the high-speed drill with its associated vibrations,...
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