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Patho-Physiology Of Pain And Its Management In Pediatric Dentistry   Dulal Das,Jiban Misra and Malay Mitra

Patho-Physiology Of Pain And Its Management In Pediatric Dentistry

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Through understanding of pain patho-physiology is the prime factor to deliver a radical therapy for a particular pain. Many a times we use to treat pain neither knowing the cause of such discomfort or how this is transmitting to the brain. Knowledge of the etiology of different types of pain and how they are interpreted by the central nervous system is very very important. This book will give a brief idea to the reader about the origin of different types of dental pain , involved pain transmitting pathways and the management of those condition in dental clinic. Mainly the pain assessment and management portion of this book are the assimilation of knowledge from most recently published articles in different international journals. whenever a pediatric dentist tries to deliver treatment to a child patient, the first and foremost aim of the doctor is to build a positive dental attitude of the patient. Successful pain management in each and every appointment helps get the desired...
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