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Tooth Form And Face Form Correlation In Indian Population   Pavan Kumar R. Koralakunte,Dhanya Kumar H. Budihal and Nandeeshwar D. Basavapura

Tooth Form And Face Form Correlation In Indian Population

128 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Esthetics is the idealizing or harmonizing of the artificial with the natural, with major basic qualities like beauty, harmony, naturalness and individuality. In Dentistry, dental esthetics is of prime importance during replacement of any missing anterior teeth. James Leon William's "Law of harmony" suggested that a correlation exists between the upside down facial form and the form of the maxillary central incisors which is universally accepted for selection of anterior teeth. Numerous studies have been conducted based on William's geometric theory to evaluate the correlation between tooth form and face form. Among these studies, many proved with positive results while others disproved, which may be attributed due to racial and gender differences. Hence, the present clinical study was conducted to evaluate the geometric theory among Indian population which is polygenetic, a mixed amalgamation of various races, cultures and ethnic groups. The result thus obtain would be helpful in...
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