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Healing of periodontal wounds   Alka Kaushik,Sarita Dabra and Preeti Sethi

Healing of periodontal wounds

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since antiquity, wounds of all varieties have been the result of trauma, infection and vascular or autoimmune disorders. The intentional surgical wounding of a tissue is a dynamic process which elicits a complex and dynamic response in the tissue that has been injured.The healing of a wound includes the various phases of blood clotting, wound cleansing, tissue formation, tissue modeling and remodeling. These phases occur in an orderly sequence but, in a given site, may overlap in such a way that in some areas of the wound, tissue formation may be in progress while in other areas tissue modeling is the dominating event. Current scientific evidence points to the presence of cells originating from the periodontal ligament, wound stability, space provision, and primary intention healing, as fundamental biologic and clinical factors that must be met to obtain periodontal regeneration. Only a profound understanding of biological and clinical variables affecting the outcome of periodontal-...
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