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Biocompatible Nonionic Microemulsions   Ljiljana Djekic

Biocompatible Nonionic Microemulsions

212 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Rigorous regulations in pharmaceutical industry urge for more sophisticated approaches that could be used for design and characterisation of drug delivery systems. Microemulsions are promissing carriers of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Researchers in this field are focused on development of biocompatible microemulsions stabilised by nonionic surfactants mixtures. The efficiency of tensides mixtures for microemulsion formation, their microstructure, solubilisation capacity, and mechanisms of drug release are scarcely investigated. This book provides a new formulation strategy of microemulsions based on multicomponent surfactant mixtures by conducting phase behaviour study and developing arteficial neural network models suitable for microemulsion area modeling. There is also demenstrated evaluation of colloidal microstructure, drug solubilisation capacity, and in vitro drug release mechanism of a model drug ibuprofen. The comprehensive approach for nonionic microemulsion carriers...
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