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Malaria In Pregnancy   Roland Okoro and Judith Nwambu

Malaria In Pregnancy

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Malaria and pregnancy are mutually aggravating conditions. The physiological changes of pregnancy and pathological changes due to malaria have synergistic effects on the course of each other, thus making life difficult for the woman, the foetus, and the treating physicians. In addition, certain drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy or may cause severe adverse effects. As a result of the devastating effects of malaria on the pregnant woman and the unborn child coupled with the problems associated with some antimalarial drugs in pregnancy, World Health Organization (WHO) came up with standard guidelines for prevention and treatment of malaria in pregnancy in order to prevent irrational prescribing. Malaria endemic nations of the world formulated their own national malaria prevention and treatment guidelines based on WHO recommendations. Therefore, physicians practicing in the malaria endemic regions of the world such as Africa are obliged to adhere to these guidelines in order to...
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