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Formulation Of Drug Delivery Systems Based On Gel-forming Polymers   Abeer Kassem,Fatma Ismail and Elsayed Aboulmagd

Formulation Of Drug Delivery Systems Based On Gel-forming Polymers

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Local intra-pocket drug delivery devices can provide an effective concentration of the antimicrobial agent at the site of action with avoidance of undesirable side effects. This study explored the application of tetracycline HCl (Tc HCl) films based on gel forming polymers as drug release regulators for local treatment of periodontal pockets. Different film formulations were simply prepared by “solvent casting technique”. Films were suitable for intra-pocket application, they were hard enough to be easily inserted into the periodontal pocket. Immediately after application, they hydrate by the action of gingival crevicular fluid forming a bioadhesive gel which allow the formulation to get access to the entire pocket. Films exhibited a sustained release pattern. The stability study for the selected formula (Tc HCl/Na CMC) indicated that the five months storage period did not significantly influence the drug release behavior or its antibacterial activity. Clinical evaluation indicated...
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